Tough Decisions Ahead? Try This and Breathe Easy!

Decisions, decisions.  Do I stay or do I go?  This job or that job?????  Sometimes it’s hard to decide, and you feel stuck in overwhelm, confusion, and even fear of making the wrong choice. But…this doesn’t have to happen ...
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Four Fun Ways to Make State Testing Meaningful

Like it or not, State Testing in 2021 is mandatory. I just asked over 85,000 teachers and 50,000 principals a very important question about this: “What great ideas do you have for making state testing a positive experience this ...
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Here’s What to Do with Support Staff

Whether you are partially or 100% virtual, do not cut your support staff out of the picture! You don’t have to, and you won’t want to after you read how other school leaders are using all their “extra” staff ...
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I ♥ Math – Deal Me In

Card Games to Learn and Practice Math Skills for K-12 Ask a group of 100 kids, age 5-17 this question: Would you rather play a game or do math? You know what the vast majority will say. GAME!! It ...
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