5 Smart Tips for a Homeschool Schedule that Works for You

Before you start to homeschool, you need to think about a schedule that will work for your life at home. First and foremost, KEEP it SIMPLE and INVOLVE Your CHILDREN! Tip 1: Choose an Appropriate Amount of Time to ...
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Smart Tips for Creating Your “In-Home Classroom”

Success at homeschooling begins with creating an environment that is conducive to learning. Here are some very smart tips to help you set up your in-home “classroom” where your child will want to get started and feel comfortable, inquisitive, ...
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OMG! What the What is Going on Here?

Do you ever walk into a math class and this is your first thought?  It regularly happens when the Math Coordinators and Principals I work with take me on the first walk through to “see their teachers in action.” ...
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