Smart Tips for Creating Your “In-Home Classroom”

March 27, 2020

Success at homeschooling begins with creating an environment that is conducive to learning. Here are some very smart tips to help you set up your in-home “classroom” where your child will want to get started and feel comfortable, inquisitive, and ready to learn.

Tip 1: Create a special space.

Set up your “classroom” by designating a table or desk in a well-lit area where you and your child will work. Include enough space for spreading out to read and write, play games, store materials you’ll need. Make it a clearly separate space that is used only for “school.”  This way, when your child sits down to work, it is easy for them to shift physically and mentally into the feeling that now it is time for learning.


LOL Create a quiet, calm environment with minimized distractions. Turn your own cell phone down or place it on airplane mode.  You will be amazed by how your focused attention will set the tone for your child. You are their best role model!

Tip 3: Store and organize materials nearby.

Use bins, baskets, boxes or other containers to store the materials your child will need. Suggested items include (pencils, paper, crayons, scissors, glue, markers, rulers, necessary textbooks, electronic device, and charger, etc.)  Have your child help you set it up and ask for their suggestions.  They might be experts on this one!

Tip 4: Create a Positive Space With Clear Expectations

Have a planning session with your child before your “first day of home school.”  Make sure you are both on the same page with what is expected. These are some issues you need to be clear on:

  • Schedule
  • Breaks
  • Asking for your help
  • How siblings will interact and/or help each other
  • Grading (Deciding when work is completed and acceptable)
  • What they have choices about and what they do not have choices about
  • Getting out materials and putting materials away

You’ll probably think of others as you work together over the next weeks.

When you come to an agreement on the important issues, put it in writing. Have your child help you.

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