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Tough Decisions Ahead? Try This and Breathe Easy!

Jun 28, 2022


Decisions, decisions.  Do I stay or do I go?  This job or that job?????  Sometimes it’s hard to decide, and you feel stuck in overwhelm, confusion, and even fear of making the wrong choice.

But…this doesn’t have to happen to you anymore!  Make your important decisions using a system.  The best system I’ve found that works like a charm is the “One-Two-Three Give Me Certainty” method.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you’re trying to decide whether to take an offer for a new job in a different district.

Step 1

First brainstorm all the things you want in your “ideal job.”  Sit in a quiet, relaxing place to do this, and maybe drown out the world around you with you earbuds tuned in to inspiring music. Set a timer and list away.  Keep listing until you’ve exhausted every possible idea.

Step 2

Assign a value to each item on your brainstorm list. 1= Luxury 2= Nice to Have 3= Priority, I Must Have It!  (Sometimes, as in the example below, you might want to consider your gut feeling and give it a positive or negative score.  Your gut never lies….)

Step 3

Score each option under consideration using the scored list of items you created.  If any items do not apply to an option, you simply give no points on that item.  Add up the scores for each option, and you will clearly see what is the best option for you according to your own criteria.

Here’s a real-life example from an Assistant Principal I helped:

Option A: Stay in my current AP position

Option B: Accept new AP position in a different district.

Value Score Factors Option A Stay Option B Go
3 3 Great pay ($80,000+) 3  
2 2 Easy Commute (No crazy traffic, scenic)   2
3 3 Close to home (20 miles or less)   3
3 3 Start and End time that works with my schedule 3 3
2 2 Minimal Extra Duties   2
2 2 Extra Duties I Love   2
1 1 Assistant    
2 2 Grade Level I love 2 2
3 3 No weekend duties 1 3
2 2 One or more months summer vacation 2  
3 3 Staff I love to work with 3 ?
2 2 Boss I love to work with   2
2 2 Big office   2
2 2 Windows in my office   2
1 1 Private bathroom in my office    
2 2 Great parents I love working with 2 ?
2 2 Healthy cafeteria food   2
2 2 Track I can walk or run on 2 2
2 2 Gym I can work out in   2
1 1 Pool I can swim in   1
2 2 Delicious Coffee I don’t have to make    
2 2 Casual Fridays 2 2
3 3 My gut says YES! (Listen to my gut!)   3
-3 -3 My gut says NO! (Listen to my gut!)    
  TOTAL 20 35 +??


As you can see, moving on to the new district seemed like a much better choice for this AP. His gut was telling him all along to take the new position even though it paid slightly under his ideal salary.  Using the One Two Three Give Me Certainty chart, he realized the many time-saving perks included in the new job outweighed his need for the extra cash and allowed him more time with his family on the weekends.

So back to you.  Contemplating a job change, moving, summer school or summer recess? Create your own One Two Three Chart the next time a big decision is weighing on your mind and feel the certainty of making the best choice for you.

Email me for a template!  [email protected]


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