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Are you a School Leader wondering how to better support students and teachers? Would you love to close the gaps and "finish" the learning? Would you love to accomplish all this and still have a life outside of school? Contact Linda for a 30-minute consultation. In this phone or Zoom conversation, Linda will help you define the top 3 challenges impacting the effectiveness of your Instruction Plan and propose a customized 3-step system to create immediate results in your district or school. Oh... and save lots of time and stress too!

Red Hot Math Creator Linda Cordes has 35+ years of experience teaching math,
coaching teachers, and consulting with school districts.

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I highly recommend Linda to school leaders who would like to register significant improvement in the learning and teaching of Mathematics in their schools. Her amazing experience in teacher coaching should be strongly utilized by schools to turn mathematics haters into mathematics lovers. Her ‘math love potion’ greatly works! If It’s worked for us, it can’t fail to work in where else in the world.

J. Lubega

Director of Good News Education Center, Uganda

Linda helped us reach or goals way faster than we imagined. Our teachers are truly “on fire” with RED Hot Math!!

M. Durallo

MS Principal

Linda models what she teaches. My staff got to SEE the strategies in action! Then they got busy implementing everything she taught them…Amazing!

T. Murry

Elementary Principal

Linda had my teachers mesmerized. They couldn’t wait to implement every time she taught them new strategies.  Our scores shot through the roof!

R. Kohn

MS Principal

My teachers love Linda. My students are loving math. Give us more Linda Time!! 

M. Gonzalez

Math Instructional Coordinator
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