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Learn how to Get Way More Personal and Family Time Back in Your Life … Even if You’re Swamped with Paperwork and Planning 

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Is this you…

Did you know that the average educator spends over 3 extra hours per day outside of contract hours on school related tasks?  It’s true, and are you above or below that average?


Here’s the deal you face: 2020 threw us for a loop.  2021 was supposed to be better… Then came 2022 and 2023... and now you’re still  dealing it and with even more.  Covid hasn’t gone away, just placed some very cold hard facts upon us.  Unfinished learning, students who forgot or never learned how to be students.  Teacher shortages that have to be covered by doubling up duties on people who are already overloaded! Less support, less money, more demands, more time. 


You used to love your job, but this is not what you signed up for. 

No wonder your colleagues are dropping off, retiring, quitting right and left. Has the thought of joining them crossed your mind??


Lucky you, there’s now a solution! 


Let me offer to you Time Mastery for Teachers,  my educator tested on-demand course that helps you systematize your work routines so you get more done, more efficiently in less time… which means you go home at a decent hour every day and have way more time for yourself and your family!


In the Time Mastery for Teachers Course you’ll Discover

  • The four major time principles you must understand if you want to get more done in less time and get your life back in balance (Most educators have no clue about these principles, even though other successful professionals with work/home/personal life balance swear by them.)
  • Why multitasking is NOT your best friend and what to do instead
  • A fool proof system for prioritizing your work so you can accomplish more and never have to scramble to complete important projects at the last minute
  • Five super time saving strategies every educator needs to implement so you can get ‘er done quickly and leave work at work…Yes! Really!
  • Four time-sucking mistakes every teacher, principle, and district leader needs to avoid 
  • Five clever hacks to save time on daily duties so you can have more time for the important stuff 
  • How to master your work time so you can have your weekends free for you and your family! Yes, imagine…stress free, not vegged out, not drained…just present and showing up for the fun. 
  • Much, much more!

If you're wondering how to fit this into your already busy day, you absolutely need to sign up for this course right now.  

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Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • Twenty short video lessons in bite-sized on demand chunks so you can learn at your own pace, which means you won’t be responsible for showing up at inconvenient times.  No pressure, work your own schedule!
  • Helpful PDFs and templates that guide you through implementing what you’re learning so you can get quick amazing results
  • Weekly optional Check in Sessions on Zoom with Linda so you can ask questions and get even more great tips and hacks for saving time and stress 
  • Password protected members only area so you can login securely to the exclusive training material 

Meet Your Instructor

 Linda Cordes

Hi I’m Linda Cordes, an Educational Consultant, Best Selling Author, Virtual Course Creator, Math Instructional Guru, Business Owner, and….Former Teacher! For many years  as a single mom and teacher, I HAD to figure out Time Mastery! How to juggle all the demands... teaching, parenting, and side gigging to make ends meet.  Thank goodness I took notes along the way!  

Now it’s your turn because I’m spilling all my secrets. Get ready to dive in and start saving time on work and creating more time for fun.


Here’s what others say after going through Time Mastery For Teachers:

“ The grading strategy you gave me is SO MUCH faster!! …The kids have enjoyed it too.Thank you! I am excited to have something that finally works!”

Megan, Texas Elementary Teacher


“Thanks for including me in Time Mastery for Educators.  I have so much on my plate, but now I am confident I can get it all done and not be so stressed.  Yes, stress-free is a big deal to me!!”  

Florida District Administrator


Your course was just in time!  I was so swamped! I was actually worried I didn’t have time to learn one more thing even if it helped me save time!! But the lessons were so quick and soooo useful.  I started gaining more time back after just the first lesson…”  

Missouri Elementary Principal



The Time Mastery For Teachers Course in a Nutshell:

Discover the system for mastering your time so you can get more done in less time with less stress… and the best part is you won’t feel drained and you’ll have the time and energy to do what you want in your FREE time.

Time Mastery Core Lessons Include These 5 Modules

Module 1:  Four Principles of Time Mastery

Module 2:  Make Priorities Happen

Module 3:  Get Strategic With Your Time

Module 4:  Break Bad Habits that Waste Time

Module 5:  Must Implement Time Hacks for Educators


Module 6: Surprise BONUS Module with EXTRA Content 

Each video lesson includes: Printable action guides, MP3 audios, and printable video transcripts. 

When you join the course, you will set up your own username and password to gain instant access.  


Normally, this course costs $297, but right now 

it’s only $97 one time — and you have access FOREVER.


But wait…I have more for you.

I’ve added a special 1:1 Accelerator Coaching session with me, included at no extra charge! (value at $957) Schedule at your own convenience. In this 30-minute Zoom meeting, I’ll help you create a custom action plan specifically for you. Bring me your biggest challenge so I can ensure your success!


I guarantee you that you too will get results, however if for any reason you implement everything I teach in the course and follow your custom action plan and still aren’t happy, then I do not want your money,  You will get a full refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings.


PS  Just one more thought on this:

The price on this course will go back up to $297 before long.  This special price of $97 is a steal, especially with the coaching  session included! Let’s be honest.  If you pass on this offer now, will anything change?  Will you magically find more time next week, next month, next school year? Or will you still be overwhelmed, overworked, drained, and wishing you had more time to just breathe?  


It’s so easy. Just do this for you and join me and all the others on  the other side in the membership area.  


Buy this now and thank yourself later!

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